Commercial Security Systems Designed To Protect The Bottom Line


While industrial, retail and hospitality locations are not typically high-risk targets, those responsible for commercial security must not consider themselves immune. Guided by the need for prudence and preparedness, a variety of commercial buildings and facilities have taken cost-effective steps to monitor and manage their perimeters. Many of them have included under vehicle surveillance systems (UVSS) from Advanced Detection in their plans, including:

  • Data centers
  • Banks and financial centers
  • Hotels and hospitality properties
  • Distribution centers
  • Shopping malls and retail centers

Advanced Detection realizes that perimeter security is more critical for some facilities than for others and our range of LowCam┬« Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) and services reflect that. Our relationship with each customer is unique and based entirely on their specific environment, resources and level of risk. However, the goal is the same - enable our customers to take the steps necessary to secure their perimeter and safeguard their facility without affecting productivity or profitability.