LowCam® VI110 Brochure

Heavyweight UVIS protection in a lightweight, portable solution.

“We’re a high-security facility with daily repeat traffic. We needed a UVIS that was extremely easy and quick to deploy, but with all the capabilities of the best-equipped systems.” - Satisfied Advanced Detection customer.

Next generation undercarriage imaging offers unique inspection capabilities by combining the benefits of multi-camera view images and real time video playback. Embedded front and rear license plate recognition (LPR) and available Foreign object Detection (FoD) provides the LowCam VI110 with the capabilities of the largest and most expensive UVIS systems in an amazingly light and portable solution.

The VI110 is ideal for high-security installations with frequent repeat traffic. Armed with LPR and database integration, it identifies a returning vehicle, accesses its most-recent inspection, presents a side-by-side comparison view and silently alerts personnel to a potential threat—all in real time and from a safe standoff position.

Designed with Advanced Detection’s legendary toughness and intelligence, the VI110 delivers best-in-class confidence and flexibility when and where you need it. 

The VI110 deploys easily by one person in less than three minutes so you can better respond to changes in security demands. Using real-time color video, compared to delayed image scanning and processing, the VI110 can increase your productivity and reduce traffic bottlenecks.

LowCam VI110: A Closer Look

LowCam VI110 diagram

  1. Inspection Ramp: Made of aerospace grade aluminum, the compact ramp—with cameras and lighting—weighs just 65 pounds. Rated to 40,000 (20 Tons) pounds per axle, it provides guaranteed protection for the machined, solid aluminum block, weather-resistant camera housings.
  2. Inspection cameras: Four compact IP67, color video inspection cameras provide a comprehensive 100% bumper to bumper image of the vehicle undercarriage. High intensity LED modules illuminate the undercarriage with uniform bright lighting for day/night inspection.
  3. License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras: Two ramp-mounted, Infared (IR) illuminated cameras provide accurate front and rear automatic license plate images and data. 
  4. Cable: Shielded, multi-conductor, weather-resistant, twisted pair with mil-spec connectors provide secure transmission and safe standoff distance.
  5. User Interface: Our user friendly icon based software provides real-time, single image or side by side comparison of current and most recent inspections. Intuitive touch screen controls enable the operator to inspect vehicle images frame by frame. Available with Foreign object Detection (FoD), magnetic field detection, and automatic side-by-side comparison. 
  6. Control Unit: Control unit is powered by an Intel i7 quad core processor and 2TB of DDR3 memory. The 500GB SSD hard-drive and 21” Sunlight Readable Touchscreen monitor delivers 1920 X 1080 resolution, 100000:1 contrast and internal speakers.
  7. Rapid Deployment Case: The VI110 is integrated into two, wheeled Pelican™ cases for convenient storage and easy transport.