LowCam® VI150 Brochure

LowCam VI150 System

Best-in-class UVIS protection for high-risk facilities.

“When it comes to protecting this facility—its assets, employees and guests— cost is secondary. I have to be able to look my boss in the eye and say with absolute confidence, ‘we are doing everything within our power to safeguard our perimeter.’ The LowCam® VI150 is part of the reason I can say that.” - Satisfied Advanced Detection customer.

The LowCam® VI150 from Advanced Detection provides maximum permanent protection for high-risk facilities, integrating capabilities typically not found in standard UVIS systems.

The full-color video inspection cameras are sensor-activated, enabling personnel to focus their attention on image analysis. Two additional motion-activated video cameras, equipped with infrared LEDs, automatically capture images and digitize front and rear license plate information. For returning vehicles, the LowCam® VI150 recalls and displays images from the previous visit for comparison.

Optional Foreign object Detection (FoD) is the latest addition to the LowCam® VI150. This software and hardware based-application visually identifies anomalies as well as provides a magnetic vehicle signature to ensure inspection accuracy.

The LowCam® VI150 is as tough as it is intelligent. In short, the LowCam® VI150 delivers the reliability and performance necessary for best-in-class confidence.  

For facilities requiring maximum UVIS security, including the ability to detect and compare returning vehicles, the LowCam® VI150 provides an unprecedented level of security and confidence.

LowCam® VI150: A Closer Look

LowCam VI150 diagram

  1. Monitor: 21 inch Sunlight Readable Touchscreen monitor delivers 1920 X 1080 resolution, 100000:1 contrast and internal speakers.
  2. On-screen images: VI150 software provides current real-time view of vehicle undercarriage and a side-by-side comparison with the previous inspection. LPR searches available network database to identify known threats and warn personnel with a silent, on-screen alert. An optional Foreign object Detection (FoD) suite combines visual queues as well as abnormal magnetic field detection.
  3. Control unit: CPU features an Intel i7 quad-core, 3.2 Ghz processor and 8GB DDR3 memory to support real-time high-resolution video. The 2TB SSD hard drive provides instant access to vehicle image records, indexed and searchable by license plate number.
  4. In-ground housing: High-strength, aerospace-grade aluminum housing is compact and slim, installing flush to the road’s surface. All cameras and electronics are weather-sealed in submergence-tested aluminum block enclosures. Housing supports vehicle loads up to 40,000 pounds per axle.
  5. Cameras: Full-color IP inspection cameras provide multiple angle views of the undercarriage. Each features crystal sapphire lens, auto-exposure control and integrated LED lighting. The system also provides a stitched image of the undercarriage using a 1280HD camera.
  6. Lighting: The vehicles undercarriage is illuminated using 30 high intensity LED light strips. The LED light strips are strategically placed in the ramp to allow the operator to inspect even the darkest of areas of a vehicles undercarriage.
  7. Vehicle Sensors: These sensors use a unique technology based on LED illumination to detect the vehicle presence and height. By using a set of sensors, we are able to determine the speed and height of the vehicle. The sensors are enclosed in a waterproof housing with a sapphire lens.