LowCam® VI54 Brochure

LowCam VI54

The smallest, lightest and most portable UVIS on the market.

When you’re called to establish and maintain a secure, temporary perimeter – seconds count. You need UVIS protection that is ready to go, deploys immediately and gives you the flexibility to resize and reconfigure your perimeter as the situation demands. All without compromising protection.

Introducing the LowCam VI54 from Advanced Detection Technology. Ultra-portable and ultra-tough, it sets up in under a minute and stands up to anything your traffic can dish out, providing real-time color video imaging that lets you spot potential threats quicker without creating bottlenecks.

Engineered with your needs in mind, the LowCam VI54 features an intelligent maintenance-free design for the lowest total cost of ownership, and intuitive on-screen operation that will have your personnel trained and productive within 30 minutes.

Manufactured and supported by the experts at Advanced Detection, the LowCam VI54 is intelligent protection you can count on.

From volatile areas in the Middle East to high-security events in the U.S., the LowCam VI54 provides UVIS security on the go. Tough and reliable, the entire solution packs down into a single rugged Pelican™ case the size of an airplane carry-on. Using real-time live video imaging, it can decrease bottlenecks and maximize your productivity — all while ensuring the confidence and perimeter security you need.

LowCam VI54: A Closer Look

LowCam VI54 diagram

  1. Ramp: Light and compact camera housing is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and rated to 40,000 lbs per axle. Measuring 12.5 x 10.5 x 3 inches and weighing just 7 pounds, the entire system deploys by one person in less than a minute.
  2. Camera: Two IP67, color video cameras are enclosed in a weather-tight housing. Each has auto exposure control, 18 bright white LED lights enable reliable day/night operation.
  3. Cable: 22AWG shielded, twisted-pair cabling provides secure transmission. 50 foot of cable come standard, extensions are available for increased stand-off positioning. The cable is protected by three 18 inch rubberized cable protectors.
  4. On-screen inspection: Real-time color video includes dual-view for unique depth of field. On-screen manipulation includes record, playback, pause, rewind and fast forward control. 15.6 inch monitor provides crisp 1366 x 768 resolution.
  5. Control unit: Laptop CPU features Intel core i3 processor, touchpad control and 2TB SSD hard-drive that stores vehicle records. On-screen training and all support documentation are pre-loaded.
  6. Case: The entire VI54 solution packs into one 1510 Pelican™ case and weighs 39 pounds.