LowCam VI108 Brochure

LowCam VI108 System

One of the world's most requested UVIS solutions.

There is a good reason why so many security professionals around the world depend on the VI108 UVIS from Advanced Detection Technology. It works — on every level.

Full-featured and highly flexible, the VI108 gives you all the intelligence you need with a lower total cost of ownership. It’s smarter by design.

Instead of static “scanning” images that must be processed and assembled, the VI108 uses intelligent, real-time video to eliminate lag time and maximize your productivity. Eight full-color cameras show you the complete vehicle undercarriage from multiple angles, ensuring you don’t miss a thing. The VI108 also gives you more deployment options. The folding ramp weighs just 35 pounds and is highly portable, or can be easily fixed to the road for a semi-permanent solution. Because it is engineered and supported by Advanced Detection, it is designed to minimize both your capital and operational expenses.

Spectator venues, border control or military installations – in this business you need to be prepared for just about anything. The VI108 ensures that you are.

When it comes to protecting people, facilities and assets in the public and private sector you need a flexible UVIS solution that can deter, detect and communicate. Advanced Detection's VI108 scores on all three counts. With an intuitive user-friendly design, anybody can become an expert in less than 30 minutes.

LowCam VI108: A Closer Look 

LowCam VI108 diagram

  1. On-screen inspection: A quad-view display provides real-time video from multiple angles. Full image control includes playback speed, zoom, pause, and single frame step forward and backwards. 
  2. Case: All components store in two easy-to-transport Pelican™ cases.
  3. Cameras: Eight compact color IP67, video cameras are environmentally sealed and motion activated for automated operation. Each camera uses 18 low-energy LED lights for uniform lighting — day and night.
  4. Display: 21 inch Sunlight Readable Touchscreen monitor comes standard.
  5. Control unit: Computer has an Intel i7 quad core processor and comes with on-screen LowCam training.
  6. Cable: 22AWG shielded, twisted-pair cabling and 1.25-inch mil-spec connectors, provide secure transmission and 100 foot stand-off.
  7. Ramp: Aircraft grade aluminum ramp is rated to 40,000 pounds per axle, yet weighs only 35 pounds. It folds in half for easy storage, or can be anchored to the road surface using easy-access bolt holes.