LowCam VI104 Brochure

LowCam VI104

The smarter approach to a permanent UVIS solution.

“We wanted to add UVIS capabilities to our perimeter security strategy, but in a way that was intelligent and cost-effective. If it’s going to be our permanent long-term solution, it has to be 100% reliable, easy to use and hassle-free.” - Satisfied Advanced Detection customer.

You told us what was important in an all-purpose, in-ground UVIS solution and Advanced Detection delivered with the LowCam VI104.

Using compact video cameras, the VI104 sports a slimmer profile at just ten inches tall. Installation time and costs are drastically reduced with the VI104. As for quality, the video technology produces real-time color imaging that no “scanning” technology can match.

The military-grade, weatherproof design makes the VI104 virtually maintenance-free with no mirrors to clean, replace or adjust. The VI104 is designed with intuitive on-screen controls so that anybody can become proficient in less than 30 minutes.

At Advanced Detection, the best solutions emerge from the on-going dialogue with our customers. The LowCam VI104 is proof positive. 

Once you understand all that goes into the LowCam VI104, you realize why more security professionals across industries and around the world get so much out of it.

LowCam VI104: A Closer Look

LowCam VI104 diagram

  1. On-screen images: Real-time quad-frame display presents views from multiple angles. Easy-to-use on-screen controls allow the operator to pause, rewind, zoom and adjust playback speed. Manual license plate entry enables vehicle tracking and can help identify known threats. 
  2. Monitor: 21 inch Sunlight Readable Touchscreen monitor comes standard.
  3. Control unit: Desktop CPU features powerful Intel i7 quad-core processor with 3.2 Ghz and 8GB DDR3 memory for instantaneous imaging. 500Gb SSD storage for archiving vehicle records. 
  4. In-ground housing: The low-profile housing mounts flush to the road and comes with concrete vault for easier installation. At just 10-inches tall, it requires minimal excavation, but supports vehicle loads up to 40,000lbs per axle. 
  5. Camera: Eight full-color motion-activated video cameras are individually sealed inside weatherproof aluminum block enclosures and are IP67-rated for extreme conditions. Cameras feature 700-line resolution and use bright-white LED panels, rated for 100,000 hours, for day/night inspections. 
  6. Lighting: The vehicles undercarriage is illuminated using three weather resistant, 24 LED IP67 light modules. The LED light modules are strategically placed in the ramp to allow the operator to inspect even the darkest areas of a vehicles undercarriage.