LowCam UVIS Solutions Guide

LowCam® Under Vehicle Inspection Solutions

The Bigger Picture

As a security professional, you’re constantly on the lookout for solutions that can improve security without disrupting day-to-day operations. But at Advanced Detection, we know your job involves much more than selecting the right products.

You’re a manager with a department to oversee, responsible for giving your personnel the tools they need to be more productive and successful while safeguarding their welfare. You’re a trusted guardian, protecting every guest, visitor and employee who accesses your facility. 

When it comes to under-vehicle inspection, the best solution doesn’t just provide a clear picture of a vehicle’s undercarriage — it addresses your bigger picture. Advanced Detection understands. As a leader in the design, engineering and support of advanced under-vehicle inspection systems (UVIS), we help security professionals around the world see smarter.

LowCam: Simply Safer

LowCam advanced under vehicle inspection solutions maximize more than your security. The LowCam can help you lower your overall cost, remain flexible and increase productivity — all while keeping your perimeter secure, your people safe and your traffic flowing.

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