Why You Need Foreign Object Detection in Under Vehicle Inspection

Under vehicle inspection is a common procedure performed by security professionals in charge of access control. When it comes to a thorough Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS), though, integrating Foreign Object Detection (FOD) into a UVIS can add an additional layer of protection.

What is FOD?

Foreign Object Detection is used in many different situations: airport runways, food safety and various security systems including under vehicle surveillance. In airports, FOD (or FODD - Foreign Object Debris Detection) is crucial to keep runways clear of everything from wildlife to broken parts. FOD in food safety ensures products are free of contaminants such as plastic or metal from food processing machines. In under vehicle inspection, FOD is helpful in discovering contraband, explosives, drugs, weapons, personal trackers, and even human beings.

How is FOD achieved in under vehicle inspection?

Advanced Detection’s LowCam® UVIS incorporates FOD as an added tool to help achieve the safest and most thorough access security solution. Foreign objects are identified through a variety of technologies that work together. The LowCam obtains a higher rate of FOD by using multiple technologies to reveal layers of the undercarriage that can be hidden from the human eyes alone. Using a combination of HD cameras, image analytics, advanced sensors, and intelligent lighting, technology takes over to provide unmatched protection.

See more with LowCam’s layered technology:

  • Advanced Composite Imaging: An array of full color HD cameras are strategically placed to expose areas of the undercarriage to allow users to see up and around areas that are otherwise unreachable. The combination of images captured by the HD cameras can be played back to the viewer as a single image that shows an in-depth view of the entire undercarriage.
  • Image Analytics: By using an automatic License Plate Recognition system, the LowCam system’s operator can conduct automatic side-by-side vehicle comparisons. These images will automatically be analyzed by the software to highlight any identifiable discrepancies or anomalies from the historical image to the current image of a returning vehicle. This function allows operators to make decisions quicker and locate items that may be missed by the human eye. Front and rear LPR cameras can be embedded directly into the LowCam system’s ramp to ensure the best image capture due to direct alignment.
  • Magnetic Sensors: Intelligent sensors detect and pinpoint magnetic field anomalies. Some magnetic fields are naturally occurring in a vehicle’s undercarriage such as a drain plug, transmission or even the vehicle’s steel frame. Magnetic sensors must be intelligent enough to detect magnetic anomalies without providing false positives for known magnetic fields.
  • LEDDAR Sensors: Advanced LEDDAR sensors detect vehicle speed and height. Sensing a vehicle’s speed and height provides higher quality images and readings. Using LEDDAR sensors result in the ability to accommodate any vehicle’s size without manually adjusting any settings.
  • LED Lighting: Strategically placed modules provide uniform lighting across a wide viewing range. Appropriate lighting is a major factor in getting quality undercarriage images. Intelligently placed lighting allows a UVIS to accommodate any vehicle’s ride height, no matter how high or low.

Does your facility need UVIS? No matter what facility, public venue, military installation, etc. that needs to be protected, incorporating a fast and thorough under vehicle surveillance system that includes FOD provides an extra layer of protection to increase security personnel’s efficiency. A more efficient security team will have a clear and enhanced view of the entire undercarriage, will take less time to inspect a vehicle thoroughly and create a safer environment.

The LowCam’s user friendly interface clearly identifies a foreign object by surrounding it with a yellow box. Additionally, with the LowCam software's ability to zoom, a closer look can be taken in areas of interest.

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