UVIS Applications: Top 6 Sites Ideal for Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Who has Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) in their toolbox for better security practices? More places than you may think. Military installations seem to be top-of-mind, but vehicle borne threats have become a common reality in public areas in order to inflict the most destruction.

Through an array of advanced cameras plus LEDDAR and magnetic sensors, under vehicle inspection systems allow operators to detect and identify tracking devices, bombs, IEDs, and other weapons. Although these are the most common threats, Domestic and International Border Controls, Correctional Facilities and Law Enforcement groups readily search for illegal substances, contraband and even human trafficking.

You may need to include under vehicle surveillance to your security plan if you have any of the following:

  • Sensitive/volatile material or information present.
  • Individuals who are targeted in any way by extremists (eg. political, religious, etc.)
  • Events in which large numbers of the public are present.
  • Executives, VIPS and government officials.

Sample UVIS Application Sites:

  • Military and Defense: This includes US Military bases, USOCONUS (Outside the Continental U.S.) operations and foreign military.
  • Large Attendee Events: This includes large sports stadiums and events, State fairs, political events, and concerts.
  • Critical Infrastructure: This includes Nuclear, Energy, Chemical, Banking and Financial, and Data Centers.
  • Government Facilities: This includes Federal and State buildings, Embassies, Consulates, and Prisons.
  • Mass Transit: This includes Local Airports, Mass Transit Authorities, Bridges and Tunnels, International Airports, and Ports of Entry.
  • Law Enforcement: This includes Customs and Border Control Groups, Anti-terrorism groups and Intelligence Agencies.

It has become common in daily news reports to hear about extremists using vehicles as weapons. Whether you are protecting nuclear facilities, high ranking dignitaries or civilians trying to enjoy an event, an effective tool to add to any controlled checkpoint is the LowCam® UVIS.

Set up a portable LowCam system for quick and thorough inspections. Deploying a portable UVIS can be a quick and easy way to scan vehicles in locations where access points can change.

LowCam VI110 Portable UVIS

Install a permanent LowCam system at stationary access points. A permanent (or fixed) UVIS is best to be installed at high traffic, static entrances.

LowCam VI104 Permanent UVIS

The LowCam’s next generation HD cameras, intelligent sensors and strategically placed lighting are present in the portable and permanent systems and provide an unmatched ability to assist operators in detecting and identifying threats.

Since 2003, Advanced Detection’s team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers have designed and manufactured under vehicle inspection systems that create a fast and effective way to ensure the safety of security personnel and the people they protect.

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