Top 4 Benefits of a Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System

Top 4 Benefits of a Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System

Why LowCam’s Portability Trumps All in Vehicle Scanner Systems

When tasked with ensuring the safety of people, it is imperative to have the tools available to do so in a fast, effective and easy manner. Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) are among the most utilized tools for perimeter security due to the increase in vehicle borne threats. Having a portable system allows the freedom to conduct vehicle scans anywhere and at a moment’s notice.

Why is UVIS portability so important and what are the benefits?

The portability of surveillance systems can greatly affect how (and if) security personnel can deploy in high stress / rapid situations. Light, durable and highly mobile systems allow fast and easy deployment in any situation.

  • Safer/Faster - Systems can be deployed in rapid/urgent situations resulting in environments that are made safer in a faster time frame. Advanced Detection’s LowCam portable under vehicle scanning systems are the lightest and most portable systems in the industry. Weighing from 7 to 65 pounds, these systems can be deployed by one individual in less than three minutes.
  • Mobile Power - Traditional power methods are not always available where mobile checkpoints are needed. True portability means the system can be set up anywhere/anytime. The LowCam portable UVIS can be deployed by being plugged into traditional power methods, but when none are available, a vehicle power inverter kit will work perfectly. A power inverter kit is available with all LowCam portable scanning systems.
  • Flexible - The only constant in security is the constant change of threats. Portability gives security planners the flexibility to not be tied down to one location resulting in a broader range of checkpoint deployments. The LowCam’s lightweight frame needs minimal setup, no auxiliary equipment setup, and has a minimal footprint.
  • Day/Night – Security checkpoints are conducted during the day, but at night as well. An under vehicle inspection system should have the capability to provide efficient vehicle scan lighting during night time installations, but also have system monitors that can be seen easily during full sun, daytime operations. The LowCam includes intelligent lighting that illuminates a wider viewing range with uniform lighting to enable a clear view of the undercarriage during the day or night. It also automatically includes a 21 inch sunlight readable touchscreen monitor that displays a clear view no matter how bright the sun is.
  • Where are portable under vehicle inspection systems used in perimeter security?

    • Law enforcement agencies deploy UVIS to enforce vehicle checkpoints at perimeters near critical infrastructure or sites of importance (e.g. large special events in their jurisdiction.)
    • Event Security has become more and more critical. Security teams at large public venues, such as sports arenas, use UVIS to secure entry points that are directly connected to the arena. Find out how the Carolina Panthers uses LowCam UVIS at their home stadium in the case study, Carolina Panthers Increases Security Efficiency with Under Vehicle Inspection Systems.
    • Aviation units use UVIS to scan vehicles that are entering the tarmac and any areas that have direct access to aircraft.
    • Military bases use UVIS to screen at commercial truck gates. The military also uses the mobile systems for down-range operations at quick vehicle checkpoints and at ingress routes into forward operating bases.
    • Border Protection groups across the world use UVIS to screen vehicles passing through their borders.
    • Nuclear plants utilize UVIS at random temporary checkpoints as well as sally port entrances into their protected areas.

    Different situations call for different actions. Perimeter security typically begins with a gated or guarded entrance point. These checkpoints find both the portable and in-ground permanent vehicle scanners useful depending on their individual security needs. However, sometimes situations call for a light, portable and mobile solution that needs to be deployed quickly, effectively and easily. 

    Security experts know that Advanced Detection’s LowCam systems are the most portable in the industry.

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