Striving to Keep You Safe, Even While You Play - Making an Impact in the Spectator Sport Arena

A time to cheer, a time to bond, a time to grab a stadium hot dog! For many years, sporting events have proven to be America’s most beloved and most cherished traditional past time. However, for those in the security industry, seeing thousands of people gathered in a large venue can sometimes make us feel a little nervous.

It is for this reason, Advanced Detection Technology started reaching out to influential individuals that ensure the safety of sporting arenas and their patrons. Since 2003, the Advanced Detection sales team has performed several live demonstrations of the world-renown LowCam® Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) and has found that the product is an ideal applicant for safe-guarding the large volumes of traffic that enter into arenas.

The most recent debut of the LowCam UVIS was during the screening process of all infield traffic at the 2009 Coca-Cola 600 located at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in North Carolina. The sales team quickly set up the equipment, successfully directed hundreds of vehicles to their infield destination and streamlined inspections down to 30 seconds per vehicle.

An alternate application for the LowCam portable inspection system was recently discovered at the RBC Center, home of the Carolina Hurricanes 2006 Stanley Cup Winners. The sales team positioned the UVIS at the internal arena entrance where only pre-determined, select groups are permitted to enter the stadium.

At Advanced Detection Technology, we are extremely excited that sporting arenas, along with many others, are beginning the process of adding the LowCam as an extra layer of security to ensure the safety of the millions of spectators that visit their facilities annually.