Portable Threats to Detect: Countries in Danger Turn to Under Vehicle Scanners

A new trend is quickly spreading across the Middle East - adhering small portable bombs under vehicles. The most effective way to combat these threats is to add under vehicle scanners to perimeter security systems. Tough to spot, and easy to adhere, small bombs are rapidly becoming the weapon of choice by militant groups across the Middle East. So much so, that it warrants Iraq’s Interior Ministry to distribute thousands of pamphlets in order to educate the public of the danger that lies directly beneath them. Being held in place by magnets or gummy adhesives, these “obwah lasica” or “sticky bombs,” can quickly turn an unsuspecting citizen’s vehicle into a lethal weapon without their knowledge.

“Sticky bomb” occurrences are steadily increasing; approximately five explosions a week are reported in Iraq. In recent raids, the Iraqi government has uncovered rooms full of materials used in making the explosive devices and even entire “sticky bomb” factories. In order to carry out their destructive plans, rebellious groups are becoming familiar with drivers who are routinely waved through inspection points and designate those vehicles as targets for their “sticky bombs.”

Although insurgent groups are attempting this stealth method of execution, there are preventative methods of detecting “sticky bombs.” Advanced Detection Technology’s under vehicle inspection systems (UVIS) have been designed to safely, rapidly, accurately, and thoroughly inspect the undercarriage of passenger and commercial vehicles for any abnormalities including the “sticky bombs.”

Being the direct manufacturer of LowCam™ Under Vehicle Inspection Systems, Advanced Detection provides several product configurations including portable and fixed UVIS systems to combat problems such as those experienced in Iraq.

Advanced Detection Technology’s main objective is to provide the most up-to-date, innovative technology to keep people, property, equipment, and information safe and secure. Our company hopes its efforts of providing under vehicle scanner inspection equipment will make a huge impact on the devastating “sticky bomb” epidemic plaguing Iraq and other countries.

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