Advanced Composite Imaging in Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems

Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) are only as good as their ability to provide intelligent data and clear images to security personnel. The concept of Advanced Composite Imaging stems from the LowCam® Under Vehicle Surveillance System’s array of cameras and sensors that achieve the clearest and widest field-of-view of any other UVSS on the market.

Gone are the days when access security personnel can rely on handheld mirrors for under vehicle inspections. The technology and resourcefulness of those who want to cause harm have evolved and so should technology for inspections.

Four components are necessary for optimal under vehicle inspection.

1. Advanced Imaging

Line scan cameras, which utilize single image display, have proven to be insufficient in providing a thorough bumper-to-bumper, wheel-to-wheel inspection image. In the LowCam VI110 Under Vehicle Inspection System, four strategically placed high definition cameras capture footage of a vehicle’s undercarriage in real time. This allows security personnel to pause, playback and even adjust the playback speed for a detailed inspection. This capability enables the viewer to see up and around areas that are out-of-view with single stitch only image scanning.

Additionally, multiple cameras create a layered view that is more effective in not just detecting objects, but also being able to identify them.

Watch the LowCam VI110's advanced imaging playback reveal hidden foreign objects:

2. LEDDAR Sensors

LEDDAR sensors can detect a vehicle’s speed and height. In the LowCam system, LEDDAR sensors are embedded into the inspection ramp for automatic functionality. Automatically sensing a vehicle’s speed and height allows images to be taken from the perfect angle without the need for manual adjustments.

3. Magnetic Sensors

Magnetic sensors provide an additional signaling layer that pinpoints magnetic field anomalies that are undetectable by the human eye. Magnets can easily be used to attach unwanted threats, such as GPS tracking devices, IEDs and contraband. Because there are many magnets that are simply a part of a vehicle’s build, an effective magnetic sensor can differentiate between those that are and are not supposed to be present.

LowCam VI110

4. LED Lighting

LED lighting is an important component of an under vehicle surveillance system. LED light strip modules should be strategically placed in a position that provides uniform lighting across a wide viewing range and to accommodate any vehicle’s ride height.

In addition to four HD cameras that create a layered composite image, LEDDAR and Magnetic Sensors that provide additional layers of intelligent detection and LED lighting that makes day or night inspections possible, the LowCam VI110 UVIS, is lightweight, portable, durable, and user friendly.

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