Rebuilding Safely at Ground Zero World Trade Center Construction Site

Maiden, NC - The goal of building a brighter, more vibrant future for downtown New York is well under way. In 2002, ground was broken on construction of five new World Trade Center buildings. The completed skyscrapers will offer traditional commercial and office space, as well as commemorative memorials to the September 11th events.

The World Trade Center rebuilding project not only showcases environmentally conscious concepts, technologically advanced equipment and brilliant architectural designs, security is headlining as a premier element of the construction, as well. 

In 2008, the New York New Jersey Port Authority construction management purchased several LowCam™ units to serve as portable under vehicle inspection systems (UVIS) to examine commercial, construction and passenger vehicles entering and exiting the construction grounds. “I have visited the construction site several times over the last year to train individuals and evaluate our equipment in the field, and I must say, it is a true honor to be working with such a significant part of American history,” Chris Carpenter, Eastern U.S. Sales Representative of Advanced Detection reveals.

Over the last two years, the New York New Jersey Port Authority has put the LowCam units to the ultimate test of strength and durability. Full dump trucks, front loaders, cement trucks and other heavy equipment are routine daily traffic on the construction site. The LowCam UVIS are designed to handle the site’s high volumes of heavy traffic and have held to this great responsibility.

Advanced Detection is proud to be an active part of the continuing security efforts of the New York New Jersey Port Authority. To see a full case study or for more information about LowCam under vehicle inspection systems, visit