Goodbye 2020 | Hello 2021

2020 will be forever marked as quite the memorable year, for many reasons. From civil unrest and heartbreak to unrelenting hope and kindness, this year tested people worldwide in ways probably few of us could ever imagine. As CNN reported, the year 2020 will be “remembered as a turnaround point in human history” by “offering us a chance to reinvent ourselves."

Then yet another news story broke on Christmas day – an explosion in Nashville, TN. At the time of this writing, details are still being worked out on the why and how. Suffice it to say, copycat crimes are being put on the top of many law enforcement and security personnel watch lists. This new priority is being seen and felt by many, including Chicago police who say they are keeping watch for signs of any threats following that explosion.

Life will one day return to “normal,” whatever that new normal may be. People will gather for professional sporting and school events, church and worship services, concerts and more. And when that happens, Advanced Detection Technology will be with security personnel to ensure the best color, UHD, side-to-side daylight view under vehicle image is captured that will not only help increase situational awareness, but will also help to ensure the show, concert, worship services, sporting events, and schooling go on.

While hindsight may be 20|20, Advanced Detection Technology is looking forward to a bright future that is safe for all. May 2021 be the year that keeps us safe and brings us back to happier and more “socially-closer” times.