G20 Summit Calls for LowCam Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Mooresville, NC - Once the announcement was made that Brisbane, Australia was selected for the 2014 G20 Summit, preparations began on one of the world’s most complex security operations. Approximately 2,000 international security specialist, as well as local and federal Australian agencies, were tasked with ensuring appropriate security measures were in place to protect influential world leaders and visitors while minimizing disruptions to residences and businesses.

A declared location took effect on November 8 containing a highly restricted area that were to be fenced and guarded by police. Basic freedoms of movement for ordinary citizens were limited; even residents living in these areas had to have security clearances performed and their cars given a security pass.

However, there was one product that received a personal invitation to be present within these highly restricted secure areas - the LowCam® VI108 under vehicle inspection system (UVIS).

Within the controlled areas, vehicle checkpoints were set up to search for explosives and weapons, manned by military personnel who have served in war zones. More than 910 soldiers underwent training and were staffed to help local authorities conduct thorough vehicle inspections during the G20 Summit.

Major General Stuart Smith stated, “You’ve got soldiers here that have experience in Afghanistan doing high-profile search techniques for IEDs.” He ensured that only the most high-tech equipment was at their disposal for this special operation as well.

At these check points, the use of LowCam VI108 under vehicle inspection systems proved highly beneficial. A wide variety of vehicles including motorcades, delivery trucks and buses were targeted for inspection. The LowCam UVIS was the first line of defense allowing soldiers to immediately identify any potential threats while keeping them a safe distance away from the vehicle. Once the undercarriage was deemed harmless, more invasive techniques were used to search the vehicle’s interior, engine and trunk compartments and even the drivers.

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