Fiesta Bowl Series Experiences a Security First - UVIS Making Headlines Along With the Champions

Maiden, NC - Since 1971, the annual Bowl Championship Series has hosted the largest collegiate football teams and their rivals in several nationally broadcasted games. This year’s Fiesta Bowl Series of games located in Glendale, Arizona brought about a new tradition - heightened security measures.

Given the increased attacks both domestically and internationally, many local-governed bodies are taking more proactive approaches to safe-guarding venues and locations that welcome the masses. Months before spectators, players and fans began infiltrating the stadium, the Glendale Police Department Special Operations Division aggressively researched new and innovative security technologies to help keep the bowl series safe.

After several live demonstrations and in-depth consultations with Advanced Detection’s engineers and sales staff, the Glendale Police Department choose to employ LowCam® Portable Under Vehicle Inspection System (UVIS) to create an additional security layer when inspecting vehicle traffic into the stadium.

The portability and ease of set up of the LowCam is very convenient for temporary checkpoints like the game day operations at the University of Phoenix Stadium. The flow of traffic was not hindered or slowed in any way by the inspection process; even heavy vehicles such as the team buses posed no problems for the UVIS.

As the state of Arizona and the University of Phoenix set out each year to make new memories and refresh pride for the honored fans and teams invited to play at the state-of-the-art stadium, we are proud to have been invited to help alleviate their growing security concerns.

About Advanced Detection Technology, LLC: To protect their high-security facilities, security personnel trust Advanced Detection Technology. Using our customer-centric approach, technological expertise and engineering excellence, ADT provides advanced portable and fixed LowCam Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) and perimeter access control solutions that enable customers to save time, money and resources while realizing a higher level of security, confidence and success.

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