Crying Wolf: False Positives While On Watch

Have you ever heard of the Æsop fable where the shepherd boy repeatedly tricks nearby villagers into thinking a wolf is attacking his town's flock? When a wolf actually appears and the boy calls again for help, the villagers believe that it’s another false alarm. Ultimately, the sheep are eaten by the wolf.

In the security business, the “wolf” scenario is real, and this false alarm is called “false positive.” False positive is an error in data reporting where a test result improperly indicates the presence of a something, whether it’s a disease or a weapon, when in reality it is not present (aka wolf). False positive is a scenario that Advanced Detection Technology takes seriously when designing and delivering security products.

Before All Else

For Advanced Detection Technology, a leading manufacturer of under vehicle inspection systems (UVIS), the best way to prevent false positives is by starting with the cleanest image possible. What the company has found through its nearly 20 years of worldwide experience in high-profile locations is that by combining full color, ultra-high definition, foreign object detection sensors, 15X zoom capabilities with an intuitive interface that produces clean images showing “daylight” on both sides of the vehicle, false positives are kept to a bare minimum.

When people hear about under vehicle inspections, especially outside of the U.S., the first thought may be handheld mirror inspections which require lengthy exposure to the vehicle, take approximately 80% more time than a vehicle scan, and show only 30-40% view of the undercarriage, while offering no data collection or reporting capabilities. With something as crucial as safety and security, mirror inspections are not an optimal solution.

Despite the fact that security personnel are responsible for protecting people and property, with that also comes other responsibilities. When an incident happens due to a lack of situational awareness, revenues are lost, future business is hurt, venue reputation may be harmed, less confidence in security may result, and potential regret may ensue that not all was done to “see” the problem that could have prevented an issue.

However, with Advance Detection Technology’s LowCam® UVIS, having the ability to see the unknowns is the first step in being able to address a potential issue. To combat the “ambiguous,” LowCam® UVIS provides images seen here that help personnel quickly see areas of concern.

Seeing is the First Step. A Big First Step.

Advanced Detection Technology employs a “layered” technology approach to capture the best possible under vehicle image. In the past, many security personnel in the field had only his/her eyes and intuition with which to work. But with the various LowCam® UVIS options – and especially with the recent launch of the affordable and portable LowCam® VI100 UVIS designed for ad hoc spectator events – so much more has become available for security personnel to rely upon and use.

Each layer of the technology enhances the image so that it is unambiguous. From the array of color, high-definition cameras that are strategically placed to expose areas of the undercarriage that allow users to see places that are otherwise unreachable, to the intelligent sensors that detect and pinpoint magnetic field anomalies known as Foreign Object Detection (FOD), to the strategically placed modules that provide uniform lighting, to LEDDAR sensors which detect vehicle speed and height for automatic alignment, to front and rear cameras that capture license plate information, all of this technology work together to help aid the human eye to decrease threats of terrorism, drugs and weapons smuggling.

Learning to See

The intuitive software designed by Advanced Detection Technology requires little training time, which means your security detail will not be out of the office sitting in a classroom. Based on a customer’s needs, the LowCam® UVIS offers different features. However, what doesn’t change is the clarity of the image or the intuitive user interface.

Crying “wolf” in the security industry may lead to personnel becoming desensitized to real threats, which is why starting with a clean image is critical. By using the LowCam® UVIS, personnel can be confident that he/she is truly seeing the big picture.

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