Combining Two Great Technologies to Provide One Superior Security Solution

Mooresville, NC - World renowned security products manufacturer, Advanced Detection Technology, announced today that it will be the first in the industry to offer built-in automatic License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras as an option for Under Vehicle Inspection Systems.

Automatic LPR (or ANPR - automatic number plate recognition) is a technology used to identify vehicles by capturing license plate information which is then “read” and sent to a central computer for verification. LPR technology is constantly improving and gaining popularity in traffic, security, law-enforcement and access-control applications.

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) provide a safe, rapid, accurate and thorough method of inspecting the undercarriage of passenger and commercial vehicles. With hundreds of potential hiding spaces, vehicles represent a unique and serious security threat. The UVIS allows for a quick and easy inspection for explosives, contraband and other harmful or illegal materials.

Until now, these two technologies have been manufactured and sold as separate, stand-alone systems. Advanced Detection is revolutionizing the industry by adding a built-in LPR camera into its LowCam® Under Vehicle Inspection System ramps, including its portable and fixed units.

“Our software has been combining under vehicle inspections with license plate recognition data for several years, so why should our hardware be any different?” Dave Mitchell, VP of Engineering and Operations logically addresses the new product line.

By offering LowCam Under Vehicle Inspection Systems with built-in License Plate Recognition, Advanced Detection can still keep its promise of a rapid three minute set-up time while providing customers with a valuable, simplified method of integrating two great technologies.