CASE STUDY: Carolina Panthers Security Team Upgrades to UVIS

Professional sports leagues have regulations that are mandated to ensure the safety of fans, players and staff. Although the different sports leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, etc.) require different security measures, individual sports teams (or the stadiums in which they play) also create their own security measures.

Bank of America Stadium with LowCam VI108 UVIS

In 2015, the risk management team for the Carolina Panthers planned to implement multiple security upgrades at the same time. One of these upgrades included an update to the inspection procedure for vehicles that enter two parking lots that connect to their home stadium, Bank of America Stadium.

Advanced Detection Technology, LLC’s LowCam® UVIS provided the perfect solution to the challenges the security team wanted to overcome.

In our new case study, Carolina Panthers Increases Security Efficiency with Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS), you will learn:

  • Challenges that the Carolina Panthers security team was facing.
  • Goals they set to reach.
  • Solution that was created.

To learn more, download the full case study here or visit Case Studies on our Resources page.