Advanced Detection Technology Reflects Its Global Success With Corporate Rebranding

Mooresville, NC - Advanced Detection Technology announced today that it is launching an international rebranding campaign featuring a redesigned logo, an innovative new website, a unified global identity, and a more customer-intense direction.

This announcement comes as Advanced Detection celebrates a successful decade of providing clients around the world with reliable, industry-leading Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) and access control technologies. “The company’s main objective is to have our corporate image to be simple and streamlined, just like our products,” said Dale Hiatt, founder of Advanced Detection.

“We’ve achieved exponential growth over the past 11 years, but our external image didn’t convey that,” said Candace Carpenter, Advanced Detection’s Global Marketing Director. “We needed to show the world who we really are and we needed our logo, website and messaging to support that.”

The creative and technical teams are most excited about the new, improved company website,, in which internal collaboration was key. Featuring a responsive design, customers around the world will be able to access traditional product specifications, images and videos, as well as industry leading, thought-leadership news and updates.

The company will immediately begin rolling out the new branding across its marketing platforms, products and tools, in-person demonstrations and its international dealer program.

“We’re proud to be introducing the world to the next generation of Advanced Detection,” Carpenter said. “Our company has always been an industry leader and we want our entire identity to reflect that.”

About Advanced Detection Technology, LLC: To protect high-security facilities and events, security personnel trust Advanced Detection. Using our customer-centric approach, technological expertise and engineering excellence, Advanced Detection provides LowCam Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) that enable customers to save time, money and resources while realizing a higher level of security, confidence and success.

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