Advanced Detection Technology Announces Investment by Carolina Mills, Inc.

Clemmons, NC - Advanced Detection Technology, a leading Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) and access control manufacturer, announces a significant financial investment by Carolina Mills, Inc. of Maiden, North Carolina.

Dale Hiatt, President of Advanced Detection, commented, “This investment will allow Advanced Detection to expand its efforts in many key business areas such as product research and development, global marketing and advertising.” Mr. Hiatt added, “In addition to the investment, Carolina Mills brings almost 80 years of manufacturing and distribution experience that will surly be advantageous to our company’s growth.”

Steve Dobbins, President of Carolina Mills, stated “This investment represents a new focus byCarolina Mills into the security and defense industry that will lead to exciting new opportunities for our expanding portfolio of diverse businesses.”

About Advanced Detection Technology, LLC: To protect their high-security facilities, security personnel trust Advanced Detection Technology. Using our customer-centric approach, technological expertise and engineering excellence, ADT provides advanced portable and fixed LowCam™ Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) and perimeter access control solutions that enable customers to save time, money and resources while realizing a higher level of security, confidence and success. For more information, please visit

About Carolina Mills, Inc.: Based in Maiden, North Carolina, Carolina Mills has been a highly respected provider of textile yarns and fabrics since 1982. As textile production has moved offshore, the company has diversified its holdings to include trucking, warehousing, logistical services and the manufacturing of silver-based products. For more information, please visit