"Incorporating the LowCam UVIS enhances our security posture protocol and adds a level of comfort. Having a system that works for us, knowing that the military type grade product will endure all the conditions we face here in Philadelphia, as well as having the smarts to not only identify, but to notify us when a change occurs to the undercarriage of a vehicle, led us to choose the LowCam UVIS." 
J.P. H. Philadelphia, PA, USA
"After researching Under Vehicle Inspection Systems technologies, we made the determination that the LowCam (UVIS) manufactured and marketed by Advanced Detection was the best device to put in to service to overcome identified challenges and achieve the desired goals."
Lance E. Charlotte, NC, USA
“The Cameras are deployed to all our centres and have been used quite frequently. I am very impressed with the quality of the product and clarity of the images. As you would be aware it can be difficult to inspect under sides of vehicles and these cameras allow us to inspect all aspects of the running gear of vehicles including steering, braking and suspension components - as well as sensitive speed limiting components at the rear underside of transmissions that have been tampered with.”
Dave R. Queensland, Australia
“We’re a high-security facility with daily repeat traffic. We needed a under-vehicle inspection system that was extremely easy and quick to deploy, but with all the capabilities of the best-equipped systems.”
Hussein A. Manama, Bahrain
“With my experience as a security manager, a tool such as the LowCam UVIS demonstrates that we are utilizing funding wisely and have equipment that can be used during a high-tempo contingency operation or heightened security increases.”
Stephen D. Beaumont, Texas, USA
“If it was going to be our permanent long-term under-vehicle solution, it had to be 100% reliable - which it was.”
Wilfred H. Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
“I would recommend the product for those who have a vehicle checkpoint at a secure site. It’s a very robust piece of equipment and we received good technical support in the field.”
Tim L. Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
“We needed a custom retro fit from an earlier installation, when approached, others seemed very overpriced compared to Advanced Detection. The new under vehicle inspection system they provided went in smoothly and went to working very easily.”
James G. Aiken, South Carolina, USA
“Our daily traffic includes fully loaded dump trucks, front loaders, cement trucks and other heavy equipment, and the LowCam never faulted under the weight.”
John O. New York, New York, USA
“Compared to the UVIS we have used in the past, this is the best.”
Paul W. Columbus, Ohio, USA
“Our deployment went off without a hitch, could not have been better. I have already referred different people to LowCam.”
Marvin J. Baltimore, Maryland, USA
“Quick and easy... as demonstrated. Continues to be a useful force multiplier.”
Roy W. Gulfport, Mississippi, USA
“System worked very well in bad weather. We had some pretty good rain which didn’t seem to bother the operation of the cameras at all.”
Eric G. Norman, Oklahoma, USA
“We looked at both mobile and fixed mounted, but we liked AD’s UVIS mobile the best. It was more durable, better priced, user friendly and portable enough for one person to handle.”
Randy W. Seattle, Washington, USA
“We love it. So easy to use."
Parris B. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
“We were dealing with a USA-based company for the under vehicle screening system (I don’t have the authority to tell the name of the supplier). But I found that your system is more flexible and easy to transport, moreover I truly believe it is a superior system.”
D. Babu U.A.E.
"We would like to thank Mr. Dale, Dave, Can and Bryan for their continuous support in making our VI150 FoD systems so successful. We appreciate and are thankful for the Advanced Detection team and look forward to future projects.”
V. Monteiro Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
"The equipment is working great! We will be utilizing it again this year.”
K. Cooper Columbus, Ohio, USA
"The LowCam was used for the second year in support of the U.S. Open Golf Tournament. We have been very pleased with the system, ease of operation, set up and its overall simplicity.”
M. Kapsh Washington, USA
"We use the LowCam system for all NFL and College football games every year – as well as other long term major events. It has been an invaluable tool.”
Sgt. G. Miami, Florida, USA
"I have had nothing but a great experience with the company. Even after the unit was out of warranty I was able to get a defective camera replaced in an extremely fast manner. We were able to keep our operation up and running thanks to Cody.”
Zach B. Atlanta, Georgia, USA