License Plate Recognition


Get Automatic Alerts with Active LPR

Full-functioning license plate recognition (LPR) is critical to an integrated perimeter security strategy. More than providing a record of vehicles that enter and exit your facility, Advanced Detection’s advanced LPR solutions automatically compare approaching vehicles to databases of known threats and silently alert you to potential hazards. Our portfolio of LPR solutions includes drive-over and pole-mounted systems that can be deployed quickly as standalone solutions or integrated into your new or existing LowCam system.


  • Accesses external databases to identify known threats or stolen vehicles
  • Creates searchable data field for instant retrieval of past inspections
  • Provides digital record of all vehicles entering and exiting your facility
  • Provides security personnel with silent or audible on-screen alerts
  • Integrates with most surface-mounted or fixed LowCam UVIS solutions
  • Available as portable tripod or fixed pole-mounted solution
  • Available for Latin, Arabic, Chinese and Cyrillic characters

Automatic LPR is available for the following LowCam UVIS:

  • VI108
  • VI110
  • VI104
  • VI150

Stand alone LPR products:

  • FPX101: FastPlate Express with License Plate Imaging system
  • FPX102: FastPlate Express with Automatic LPR
  • FPTRI: FastPlate Automatic LPR, tripod application
  • FPPER: FastPlate Automatic LPR, permanent or pole-mounted application

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