Jan Zickerman
Jan Zickerman

Chief Executive Officer Phone: + (1) 704-664-7007
E-Mail: jzickerman@advanceddetection.com

Jan Zickerman is the CEO of Advanced Detection Technology. During his time at Advanced Detection, Jan's strategic approach has managed to successfully increase company growth, revenue and operational performance while also increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Prior to Advanced Detection, Jan launched and was President of an independent consulting firm that specialized in the design and delivery of strategic business planning, corporate strategy, organizational design, operational and financial turnaround, and market strategy and research.

Jan’s extensive leadership experience and ability to create successful business strategy continue to drive Advanced Detection to be the under vehicle inspection systems' industry leader that it is today.

Originally from Denmark, Jan is proficient in Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian and German and holds a degree from EFG Handel & Kontor, Ballerup Handelsskole.