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The Importance of Color in UVIS Cameras

Learn why UVIS Cameras that scan only in black and white reduce the ability of the human eye to detect and identify foreign objects.

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Handheld Mirror vs Under Vehicle Inspection Systems

Learn the top 4 reasons why handheld under vehicle inspection mirrors are insufficient and under vehicle inspection systems are superior for perimeter security.

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"The LowCam was used for the second year in support of the U.S. Open Golf Tournament. We have been very pleased with the system, ease of operation, set up and its overall simplicity.”
M. Kapsh
M. Kapsh Washington, USA
Amazing work from an amazing guy!
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Cornelius, NC
“The Cameras are deployed to all our centres and have been used quite frequently. I am very impressed with the quality of the product and clarity of the images. As you would be aware it can be difficult to inspect under sides of vehicles and these cameras allow us to inspect all aspects of the running gear of vehicles including steering, braking and suspension components - as well as sensitive speed limiting components at the rear underside of transmissions that have been tampered with.”
Dave R.
Dave R. Queensland, Australia